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Author Talk/Book Signing-Maureen Morrissey

Saturday, July 10, 2021  01:30pm  03:00pm



When the world as you know it is rent into shreds, you either survive or you die. When your friends, your neighbors, members of your own family starve to death in front of your young eyes, only a steel drive to live will rescue you. If your neighbors and your government turn on you killing everyone in your community, only foresight and the guts to listen to it will help you. When widespread poverty and lack of hope destroy the fabric of reality, only fortune can save you. 

When you survive any or all of these traumatic events, you live to create the next generation. 

Cam and Tessa are the next generation. 


Woven dives deeply into events you learned about in history class and makes them personal. Written as a series of novellas, this book weaves the lives of four very different families into one story, showing that out of overwhelming adversity can come strength, hope, and a future no one predicted.

Maureen Morrissey recently published her first novel, but has been writing her entire life.  As an educator for thirty-seven years, she has published several articles and taught all subjects to elementary level students, but most enjoyed seeing them hone their skills as storytellers and writers. Maureen grew up in New York City, moved out to Arizona and then found a home in Mount Kisco in 1995.

* limited copies will be available for $10 cash only, a discounted price. 

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Location     Mount Kisco Public Library
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