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OG Westchester Weekly Speaker Program

Tuesday, June 28, 2022  11:00am  12:00pm


The Old Guard of Westchester is a not-for-profit organization, with roots that go back to 1954.  Old Guard members are residents of Westchester County and neighboring communities.  We are retired or semi-retired men who had careers such as businessmen, lawyers, doctors, managers, financiers, writers, teachers, and communication specialists.

We meet every Tuesday at the Westchester Society for Ethical Culture building in White Plains to socialize and listen to guest speakers on topics including local, regional and national social issues, economic and political topics, medicine and other science related subjects. Our programs are available to the public in person and via ZOOM Virtual Meetings.  For information regarding attendance at a specific event, and for ZOOM meeting information, please contact us via the following link Program Information

You can find more general information about our organization at following link - Old Guard of Westchester

This Week's Program:     Who's in Charge Here? The Commanders of the

                                         CBI Theatre of War."

This Week's Speaker:      Rainy Horvath

About the Speaker:         Author and Storyteller


Location     Westchester Society for Ethical Culture, 7 Saxon Woods Road, White Plains, NY and via ZOOM Meetings
Extra Info    From 1941 to 1945, American, British, and Chinese troops fought side-by-side to accomplish their shared goal of driving Japanese aggressors -- the Axis -- out of China, Burma, and India (CBI). In a time before the Internet, in a land so vast and backward that it barely had telephone service, how did these young soldiers manage to accomplish this? The logistics, geographic, and communication barriers were monumental. Who led them to victory in spite of these complex international problems? Six different Commanders of the CBI Theatre of War from 1941-1945 will be discussed, including their leadership and style differences, their missions and methods, and what this revolving door of command meant to young troops struggling to live another day and make it home from World War II China.